Crane service for rent, professional experience 10 years

          W.PRATEEPCRANESERVICE COMPANY LIMITED he company was founded on February 12, 2001, located at 845/1, Moo 15, Bang Sao Thong Subdistrict, Bang Sao Thong District, Samut Prakan 10570, with over 10 years of crane rental business and business expansion. Transportation service Flatbed trailer, trailer truck And a semi-trailer tail trailer Service in the name “limited partnership Prateep Muang Transport “To meet the needs of the industry And construction work

Throughout the past, the company Focused on improving service quality Safety at work And adaptation to the modern industry today

Why do you have to rent a crane with the company? W.PRATEEPCRANESERVICE COMPANY LIMITED ?

  • Every crane has a license plate. 2. Access to 100% safety.
  • Drivers and signal providers receive training with 100% Certified Driver Guaranteed, with engineers with certifications.
  • Crane rental with the company W.PRATEEPCRANESERVICE COMPANY LIMITED With coverage of all types of cranes Supporting all sizes and all requirements of employers, trailers, loading or moving machinery


Service area and contact

Our crane rental service There are service areas covered as follows: Services throughout Bangkok, suburbs and provinces, with services for small jobs, big jobs, daily tasks and monthly jobs.

Planning meeting


          Crane contact number           081-9881123 , 087-0071960     or 081-3354725 , 089-8837038 

Trailer contact number         089-433-0203  ,  092-846-0441    or  092-584-0477